Saturday, 28 November 2009

the x factor is down to last 5 acts stacey solomon, joe mcelderry, lloyd daniels, olly murs and danyl johnson saturday was take that and elton john

well it goes quick we are now down to the last 5 acts of this years x factor, with the sunday show to come tonight and then it will be 4 acts left in x factor.

the five so far are stacey solomon, danyl johnson, olly murs, joe mcelderry and lloyd daniels.

after saturdays live show which was on a take that and elton john theme, with all 5 acts each singing a take that song and a elton john song each, it looks like lloyd daniels is the favourite to be voted off on sunday nights x factor results show.

who will join lloyd daniels in the bottom 2 is anybodies guess as all the acts got good reviews from the judges, but it looks like either way the judges will choose to vote lloyd off anyway, no matter the sing off in sundays bottom 2.

that's if lloyd daniels does indeed end up in the bottom 2 as you can never be a 100% sure with x factor, it can throw up some strange phone vote reults sometimes.

so for those looking to apply for x factor 2010, you need to wait a few more weeks for this years x factor to finish, then go to the itv website and you can apply for x factor 2010, but only when this years x factor has ended which will be a few weeks yet, then the x factor application forms will be available on the itv website, and good luck for next year if you do apply for the x factor 2010!!!.

probably best vocals of the night went to danyl johnson with the elton john song "your song".

Monday, 23 November 2009

the x factor 2010 application form that i said comes up is for x factor 2007 x factor 2010 application form available when final show finishes

x factor 2010 application form here is what you do, when the final show of this series has aired go to the itv website and you can apply there.

you cannot actually apply till the last episode of the x factor 2009 series has finished, when that has happened then you can apply via the itv website, and apply for x factor 2010.

that's when applications open, the date is in december sometime not sure if it december the 12th or not, but it is around the time of the last x factor live show in 2009, then you can apply for x factor 2010.

i know it is a bit of a wait but that's what it looks like, after a bit of reading around on yahoo answers and some other question sites that is what they are all saying, that you can start applying for x factor 2010 only when x factor 2009 has finished.

and as i said they have application forms on the itv x factor website.

going to say a long time away but these x factor shows seem to come around quick i can only just remember last years x factor and before you know it is this years x factor and before you know it again it will probably be next years x factor 2010.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

jedward john and edward to win x factor 2009 and be big stars in 2010 is it possible?

probably jedward aka john and edward will be big stars in 2010 now with there infamous x factor exploits, but can they feasible win x factor 2009?.

i don't really think jedward can win x factor 2009, because they just won't get enough votes when it gets into the later stages of x factor, though, john and edward are getting better and doing more singing now they still have a long way to go, as x factor is in the end a singing contest more then anything, so the place of winning will more than likely be done by the best singers in the contest.

but in 2010 or the end of 2009 jedward will probably have a single released at the very least, louis walsh has likened john and edward to a early pj and duncan or ant and dec.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

how to apply for x factor 2010 and john and edward helped by simon cowell

(edited this post now) you cannot use that form to apply for x factor 2010 as that form is for 2007 x factor, what i have found out is you can only apply for x factor 2010 when the current series of x factor has ended in the middle of december, when x factor 2009 ends, then you can apply for x factor 2010 on the xfactor itv website, so ignore what i said below. my recent post in this link explains x factor 2010 application THIS Link IS HOW TO APPLY POST

you can apply for the x factor 2010 show, i just found the application form for x factor 2010 by typing into google search "x factor apply" what came up was a link about 2 results down called "APPLICATION FORM" at this address "" and that is the x factor 2010 application form.

you need pdf to open the file, but can click at the side of the words application form it says "quick view" which will bring the x factor 2010 form up onto your web browser to look at, like this.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
HAVE YOU AUDITIONED FOR THE X FACTOR BEFORE? YES. NO. ARE YOU A... SOLO ARTIST ... entertainment game show provisionally entitled “The X Factor - Series 4” ... - Similar -"

second line down on the google search result see the words - "quick view" so click that and it brings the x factor 2010 application form up to view.

and of course if you have pdf installed on your computer you download the link and fill it in like that, i have not got pdf installed so i clicked quick view to look at the x factor application form.

x factor 2010 application form is just 2 pages and a few boxes to fill in not very complicated like a job application form, it actually looks like one of the easiest forms i have seen to fill in.

back to the current x factor 2009 and the twins jedward aka john and edward or as louis walsh said the next pj and duncan or ant and dec, are still causing trouble and havoc on the x factor 2009 show, by staying in after being in the bottom 2 and lucie jones getting voted off enstead, people said simon cowell should of voted the john and edward off.

though john and edward, had a good performance with ghostbusters and rock dj, simon cowell said john and edward are what he waits to see each week on the x factor.