Sunday, 31 January 2010

the x factor 2010 blog - american idol 2010 auditions

having another look at some american idol 2010 auditions, though i have never really got into american idol as much as the uk x factor, and it took me a couple of years to get into the uk x factor.

the american idol is okay as a talent programme and better then the talent programmes the bbc seems to role out non stop, but still not really in the league of the uk x factor show, but anyway still some good auditions on american idol 2010 to have a look at.

American Idol Season 9 Episode 5 Los Angeles Auditions Part 1

american idol 2010 auditions - Andrew Garcia Los Angeles:

was watching through a few american idol videos on youtube and while they are funny they are also cringe worthy though, as some people look to really play up to acting bad when they know they are on shows like this, if one thing the x factor uk is better for talent and the american idol is better for the really daft performers.

this video being a very cringe style video:

"Katy Perry on American Idol I Feel Dirty I Touch Myself"

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

American Idol 2010 auditions some of the best auditions so far on American Idol 2010 versus american x factor 2010 simon cowell's talent empire world

will it be american idol 2010 versus american x factor 2010?

idol is just getting started American Idol 2010, here are some of the best auditions so far of season 9 of the popular american idol show, its first week of auditions so far, American Idol 2010 being the american x factor pretty much, though will probably be in competition with american x factor when simon cowell leaves american idol to start the american x factor.

though america is a big country so there is probably room for two big talent shows like American Idol 2010 verus american x factor.

well first up is what they called the "hillbilly audition" Vanessa Woolf.

"American Idol 2010 Vanessa Woolf Hillbilly Audition January 13th ATLANTA"

that was Vanessa Woolf singing country style music, i think it was a bit of a acapella performance, but Vanessa Woolf got a good response from the judges and through to the next stage.


these videos seem very quiet on sound quality so i can hardly hear these youtube videos, but auditions is still early days to tell how good the acts actually are until they get further into the contest.

Vanessa Woolf did better then most of the auditions in the first round of auditions for american idol 2010.

a lot of the american idol 2010 auditions where of the funny or strange nature compared to of the wow she or he is talented nature, vanessa woolf was difficult to tell how she will get on in later shows, if she will get better or not be "good enough" later on.

simon cowell in control of american x factor 2010 or taking on too much with his talent show empire and commitments?.

Monday, 18 January 2010

was leona lewis the biggest ever x factor winner - leona lewis x factor vs leon jackson, alexandra burke and shayne ward

is leona lewis the most successful x factor winner to date?, from what i can tell leona lewis has been the biggest winner out of the x factor compared to any of the other contestants the x factor show has produced.

if you look at some of the past winners like shayne ward or leon jackson (leon's name being very similar to leona as well), you just don't here about previous x factor winners like you do about leona lewis and also i think leona lewis was the only x factor winner to break america.

so it is probably true that leona lewis has been the most successful x factor winner there has been.

even alexandra burke has not had the same kind of success as leona lewis, will joe mcelderry get the same success as leona did, probably not, but joe mcelderry will probably do okay compared to some acts who just seem to have disappeared after winning the x factor like leon jackson whose fame seemed to be very short lived.

leona lewis officially the most successful x factor winner, leona lewis won x factor 2006:

alexandra burke the second most successful x factor winner?, alexandra burke won x factor 2008, alexandra burke's x factor song was hallelujah:

shayne ward did quite well off of the x factor and has new songs and albums coming out, never did quite as well as leona lewis though, shayne ward won the x factor 2005:

leon jackson probably did the worst out of the other 3 in this x factor poll, with leon jackson seemingly dropped by his record label after only one album, leon jackson's x factor song back in 2007 x factor was when you believe:

Sunday, 17 January 2010

the x factor creator simon cowell to leave american idol 2010 at end of series 7 rumours to focus on american x factor 2010 version or at latest 2011

american idol news, the x factor creator simon cowell announces he will leave american idol 2010 after the series 7 ends, rumours say this is because simon cowell is going to focus on american x factor 2010 or american x factor 2011, if simon does not have time to get american x factor this year.

i do not think simon cowell owns american idol, so this could be a business move, with simon leaving american idol at the end of series 7, it would seem simon is then going to concentrate on creating the american version of the uk hit x factor.

and with america being such a big market, this would mean mega dollars for simon cowell, to pretty much own a top us tv show, with the creation of the american x factor.

not sure if the american x factor will happen in 2010 or if it will be 2011 when there is a american x factor tv show, but with this announcement of leaving the american idol at the end of the 2010 show, would point to there being a move for simon to create his own american idol style show, by creating a new x factor franchise.

the people behind american idol will need to replace simon with some other big star for there next years show, but will struggle to get as popular viewing figures probably, once simon cowell resigns from american idol.

the american x factor versus american idol?:

but so far no dates set for the american x factor, they would need to announce dates pretty soon if there was going to be a american x factor show this year so that people would have time to register and apply for american x factor and do american x factor auditions, but i would think these things can be set up quite quickly.

but at the moment it looks like it might be 2011 when there is a american x factor show, though it is still only early in 2010, so simon cowell might be seeing if it is possible to do a american x factor 2010 show, but so far there are no application forms for american x factor available.

with the uk version of x factor application forms become available for the next series of x factor just as the previous series of x factor finishes, so people have a good year nearly to register, but if there was to be a american x factor 2010 there would be less time for people to register.

but america being such a big country there would still be time to get a big crowd of us performers auditioning.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

the x factor 2010's opposite american idol 2010 returns to america - american idol 2010 auditions - adam lambert mocks contestant -posh spice victoria

the american style x factor, american idol 2010 is back on tv screens, with the american idol auditions.

this years american idol judges are "posh spice" victoria beckham, simon cowell, kara dioguardi and randy jackson, also other judges will be on american idol like shania twain.

victoria beckham of spice girls fame wife to david beckham, picture of victoria beckham in her spice girls days:

in this auditions clip the women confuses kara dioguardi for paula abdul, i think the women who sings n this clip gets mocked by the judges and the guy who interviews her at the end adam lambert, who is meant to be impartial, be mocks the contestant after her american idol audition.

this is one of your nightmare type auditions that you come to expect from x factor and american idol, where the auditioning act thinks they are a good singer but are not a very good singer.

american idol 2010 auditions:

american idol 2010 will be on uk tv on a saturday bit like how the x factor is shown on asaturday, american idol is going to be shown on itv2 on a saturday, i think american idol 2010 starts showing on uk tv its first episode this saturday in fact, and american idol is going to be shown on free view digital channel itv2 as well as terrestrial tv channel itv.

i am going to be doing some american idol 2010 blog posts about auditions that are interesting and american idol 2010 news and updates in this blog, also when they get into the live finals of american idol 2010.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

x factor tour 2010 - a look back at previous x factor tours and where are they now diana vickers

here is a quick look back at previous x factor tours, this is what to expect if you get tickets for the upcoming x factor 2010 tour.

first up in this look back is not so far back to the x factor tour 2009 with daniel evans, diana vickers, rachel hylton, ruth lorenzo and laura white:

"The X Factor Tour 2009- Daniel, Diana, Rachel, Ruth and Laura"

just a bit of feedback (i think its called) on the sound on this video.

next up is the whole x factor cast on the x factor 2009 tour at Aberdeen AECC on 19/2/09:

there's a lot of feedback but i think that is the way these have been recorded by people in the arena audiences.

and a solo performance from last years x factor finalist diana vicker's:

"The X Factor Tour 2009 - Diana Vickers"

diana vickers has done well since x factor 2008 and now has a diana vickers album and west end show as diana vickers - little voice.

and did diana vickers date eoghan quigg?, in the last x factor show there was rumours that diana vickers was dating eoghan quigg.

diana vickers and eoghan quigg - the kiss:

but it looks like diana vickers did just one x factor tour, because she then moved onto her singing and stage show career, so you probably only get to see one group of performers on the x factor tour for that year, then the following year it is the new x factor finalists.

because with some x factor stars it can be like where are they now, as some seem to disappear and lose fame, whereas some do really well like diana vickers, though she only did the x factor tour for one season.

diana vickers in little voice:

Sunday, 3 January 2010

the x factor tour 2010 starts in just over 1 month

all x factor fans don't leave it too late to get your tickets for the x factor tour if you want to go, the x factor tour 2010 starts in just over one month on febuary the 15th at the liverpool arena.

the x factor tour 2010 is at the liverpool arena for 2 nights form the 15th of febuary to the 16th of febuary.

the x factor live concert 2010 does mostly two night stints at each arena and the x factor tour runs for about 3 months, with most of the acts from x factor 2009 live shows, not sure if previous x factor stars are on the x factor tour 2010 though.

buit if you want to watch the x factor live tour you will have from febuary to april to watch the x factor live tour.

x factor contestants to look out for will be olly murs, danyl johnson, joe mcelderry, lloyd daniels, lucy lucie jones, jamie archer, rachel adedji and john and edward (jedward) and some others as well.

this is the list of the tour dates and the arenas/venues that will host the x factor live tour 2010 and all your favourite x factor acts.

February 15-16 Liverpool, Arena
February 17-19 Birmingham, Arena
February 20-21 London, Wembley Arena
February 23-26 Cardiff, International Arena
February 27-28 Brighton, Centre

March 1-2 Nottingham, Arena
March 4-7 Aberdeen, EEC
March 8-9 Glasgow, SECC
March 10 Newcastle, Arena
March 11-12 Sheffield, Arena
March 13-14 Manchester, Arena
March 16 Dublin, The O2
March 17-18 Belfast - Odyssey, Arena
March 20-21 London, The O2
March 22-24 Cardiff, International Arena
March 26-27 Newcastle, Arena
March 29 Belfast, Odyssey Arena
March 30-31 Dublin, The O2

April 1 Belfast, Odyssey Arena
April 4 Glasgow, SECC

do not leave it too late to get your x factor tour 2010 tickets if you are a x factor fan as the tour will be here quite quick and over quite quick with it only running a few months.

the x factor acts are said to be getting well paid for there singing and performing on the x factor tour, so should be a good for the acts that did not win, as joe mcelderry is set to make a lot of money whereas other acts might not do as well as the out right winner, so the x factor tour gives them a chance to make some good money.

the tour also is in all parts of the british isles from scotland to wales to ireland and england.