Saturday, 10 July 2010

where do you get x factor 2010 tickets for the live tv shows to be in the audience?

not sure how you buy tickets for the live shows at this years x factor 2010 finals, i think tickets maybe go on sale closer to the actual finals being on tv.

earlier in the year and last year you could get tickets for the x factor 2010 live tour well in advance, but when it comes to the x factor 2010 tv show finals i don't know where you get tickets to watch it as a audience member.

my guess is that the tickets to be in the audience on the live x factor tv finals shows 2010 will go on sale closer to the tv show actually being aired which is still a few months off yet, as they are still running the x factor auditions for the live tv show up and down the country.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

the x factor 2010 auditions

the x factor has been running this years auditions for a while now, probably quite close to having all the auditions done ready for the x factor live shows when they start later in the year, i think the x factor is back on tv around the beginning of september time.

comes around again fast really, just a few months until the new x factor will be on our tv screens again.

so far from what i have read about the auditions for the 2010 x factor, it will be one of the best x factor series to date, last x factor was thought of as one of the best, or the best x factor, but this years 2010 edition might be the best yet, something to look forward to on those saturday nights, and also sunday with recent x factors being on a saturday and sunday night now.

though saying that i try to avoid reading up on how the auditions are going and then it is all new when i watch the x factor 2010, i do not know in advance.

i think there is still time for people to audition for x factor 2010 as well, but if you are wanting to audition for x factor 2010 do not leave it too late as there probably won't be a whole lot of time left before the auditions end.