Monday, 30 August 2010

auditions mary byrne new susan boyle subo x factor

i liked last weeks x factor auditions show, and thought exactly the same thing that a lot have thought since the last episode of x factor that mary byrne could be the new susan boyle or subo for short, wonder what mary could be called to have a shortened stage name like susan boyles subo?.

mary byrne or maby?, does that rhyme at all?.

well mary byrne sung a big tom jones song that was said by simon cowell the best audition so far in the new series of x factor.

it was one of those big ballad big voice type songs and really went down well with the irish crowd, so another new favourite at this stage of the competition must be mary byrne.

the judges had a difficult time in ireland, with the lack of stand out auditions but there was a few good stand out auditions that just about saved the day over in ireland.

The X Factor: Mary Byrne's X Factor Audition (Full Version) -

Friday, 27 August 2010

pixie lott nicole scherzinger geri halliwell x factor 2010 audition judges

i liked last weeks x factor 2010 auditions show with new judge geri halliwell, though it did get a lot of bad press i thought it had a good mix of interesting singers.

it will be interesting as well to see what this weeks x factor auditions show holds tomorrow night on saturday, last week geri halliwell got a bit of stick for talking too much on last weeks show of the x factor.

i think geri did not realise she was taking up too much time by over talking to the acts, but the reason being the judges on x factor try to keep it short and sweet when talking to the acts as time is of the essence when trying to get as many auditions in as possible.

but it was geri halliwells first x factor 2010 audition show so she probably just needed to be cut some slack until she got used to the programming and how the x factor talent show is run and to what format.

geri halliwell was replacing dannii minogue who was on maternity leave fr the start of x factor 2010, but dannii minogue is set to return in the later stages of this years x factor 2010 though.

dannii minogue has been told she might not be in x factor 2011, due to the managers of x factor not happy with dannii minogue taking the full season of x factor 2010 out with maternity leave, but dannii wanted to just take out the start and said she would do the final live final stages of the x factor 2010.

so managers of the x factor tv show have said they might drop dannii minogue from the x factor 2011 next year, i think though this is harsh and would seem to be unfair against pregnant women.

but look for dannie minogue to return in the later stages of x factor 2010, but for the first stages of the x factor talent show you will get various guest celebrity judges like pixie lott in the audition stages of x factor 2010, and nicole scherzinger.

so look out for a changing judging line up on this years x factor as well as regulars loius walsh, simon cowell and cheryl cole.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

x factor 2010 news gossip - autotune?

x factor 2010 news and gossip, well it sounds like with the x factor 2010 auto tune, that simon cowell has come out against the auto tune, and simon cowell has actually banned the use of auto tune from the x factor 2010.

but with the auditions for x factor 2010 already recorded, does that mean that the auto tune will be on all the audition episodes anyway?, as these shows have already been produced, this is what i am wondering.

so this banning of auto tune might not actually stop the auto tune being in the episodes from the x factor 2010 auditions.

though the people behind x factor said autotune would not be used for the finalists anyway, but if no one had noticed auto tune you never know really if they would of used it or not.

people complained about auto tune straight away on social media sites like twitter and facebook, personally though, i never noticed that there was such a thing going on on the first episode of factor 2010, until i had seen all the news and gossip about auto tune.

then thinking back the show did seem more polished vocally, so the auto tune technology definitely did make a big difference for a lot of the acts who were performing on the first show or technically back in the auditions for the x factor 2010.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

best audition of x factor 2010 and autotune?

x factor 2010 has just started back on tv and this has to be my favourite audition of the new x factor 2010 series by katie waisal, out of all the auditions katie's was the most difficult as she was told to change her song.

so katie waisal changed her song to a queen song, but did not fully remember the lyrics, so then got another chance with another song and managed to just about get the judges favour.

i found this first episode of x factor one of the best opening shows in recent years, was really fun packed with various types of acts, even what could be called a bad act, was in the end bad to be good, and got the judges yes votes as well! more on that other audition tomorrow.

but here is a early favourite for the x factor 2010 finals in katie waisal's audition, it was a bit of is she or isn't she going to get through to the x factor boot camp?.

early x factor 2010 favourite katie waisal?.

another issue i was just reading about in the news is something about contestants using autotune on there microphones, well through machines the microphones send the sound through, to make the singing of the contestant sound more in tune.

i did not spot this just seen it being talked about on the internet and on twitter, does not bother me really, but a lot of people seem upset with some contestants choosing to use auto-tune on the x factor 2010.

as this auto tune sounds like it is new to this 2010 series of x factor and not previous series of the x factor.

well will have to see how this story develops about the x factor 2010 autotune controversy, but it would not be x factor without some body complaining about the show, i can see why people would be unhappy if technology is being used to make the acts sound better.

all in all though it was still one of the best x factor audition shows i can remember in a long time, x factor auto-tune or no auto-tune, still a great saturday night viewing.

what can you say really though about auto tune, this is technology for you, and with this being such a big tv show they probably do look to use what ever technology they can to get a more polished effect to the overall x factor show.

now when it comes to the x factor 2010 live finals i doubt they would let the finalists use auto-tune though.

x factor 2010 update new start time is 7:30pm

well the x factor 2010 start time is 7:30pm and not 8:30pm like i had previously wrote was the x factor 2010 start time.

and from this post that is in about 10 minutes time, so if you are looking for the start time for the new series of x factor any time soon, then the new series of x factor 2010 has already started! so switch on itv1 real quick.

also the new start time for x factor 2010 including when the show ends is 7:30pm until 9pm this saturday, so all in all a 1 and half hour show of the new x factor auditions.

right is everyone ready for the new series with crisps tea and chocolate?.

time for me to turn my computer off in a minute and turn my tv on for the new series of x factor 2010!,

Friday, 20 August 2010

x factor 2010 news time ready for the new series :) soon

its x factor 2010 time, today x factor 2010 returns!, i am ready for the new series, but must first get some sleep, or i will sleep right through past the start of the first x factor 2010 show if i do not get to bed sometime soon!.

excited much, can't wait for the no.1 singing talent show to return, does the bbc still do the come dancing show i wonder, i never watch that though as x factor is always much better, and i am locked into itv1, and maybe i might watch a bit of the xtra factor 2010 on itv2 as well this year, never really bothered with the xtra factor too much in the past.

been looking at some of the headlines and news for x factor 2010, and it sounds like there will be some bickering between the judges right from the first episode of this new series of x factor.

looks like it will be a bit of a spat between cheryl cole and simon cowell, i remember in the past x factors that loius walsh and simon cowell would have a regular bicker and disagreement between each other.

well that is enough of the x factor 2010 spoilers, i am not going to put out any spoilers on here, i always wait until the new x factor show airs, and avoid reading about the shows in advance, its more fun to see what happens as it happens when watching the x factor on tv.

still not sure on the repeats for this series of x factor 2010, whether the full episode gets a repeat on itv2 or not, besides the regular reshowing the next day for those that miss a episode of x factor, or even for those who watch the show twice!.

right a few hours and we will be watching x factor 2010 new series :)

x factor 2010 is back on tv on saturday xtra factor as well

(UPDATE) catch the repeat of the final on the itv player! or itv 2 final repeated later in night 1:30am, more at the link here ---> X FACTOR REPEATS INFORMATION LINK CLICK ME

just 1 day to go until x factor 2010 returns to itv and our tv screens, can't wait, make sure you have your saturday free from 8:30pm onwards, though if not do not worry as x factor is usually repeated on the sunday as well.

yes, so if you mix the start of x factor 2010 do not worry as the x factor is usually repeated on a sunday, and i am not sure but x factor 2010 episodes might be repeated on the itv freeview the saturday night, but i am not sure about this, will know when the new series of x factor 2010 starts.

well there has been a lot of talent shows and singing contests on tv since the last x factor series finished, but really none of barrage of talent contests and singing competitions where ever as fun as the x factor is, so its time for the pretenders to step to the side and let the really fun singing contest show return with the return of x factor 2010.

so either make sure you are free for saturday 21st august 2010 to watch x factor, or if you miss that and are busy look out to catch the repeats of the x factor 2010, definitely there is always a repeat the following day of x factor.

and possible x factor 2010 might also be repeated on the saturday night but i am not sure yet if that is so or not, will have to wait and see until i see the new tv schedule, with there being the freeview now it does mean these shows are easier to repeat for the tv channels.

and not to forget if you have freeview there is the xtra factor show that goes out on itv freeview after the x factor show finished each episode.

i preferred xtra factor when it was presented by holly willoughby, but this xtra factor 2010 is going to be presented by konnie huq so i am not so sure if it will be as good as the previous xtra factors where.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

x factor 2010 starts this weekend on itv tv 8:30pm start time

well 2 days to go to x factor 2010 being back on tv screens this weekend is the start date for x factor 2010, i can't wait need something to occupy my weekends as i am not going out for a while.

so 2 days to go to the start of the new series of x factor 2010, saturday august the 21st being the day you need to set free in your tv viewing calendar, but more importantly 8:30pm on saturday august the 21st 2010, make sure you are in and in front of the telly to watch the new series of x factor 2010.

i am making sure i am in this weekend and to watch x factor, it will be all the good and bad auditions for the first few weeks of this x factor series, which is some of the funniest parts of the x factor when you get the zany and crazy auditions.

it seems at the end of a episode of x factor that they usually finish the episode with the best audition of the episode or one of the best auditions, kind of finish on a high as they say.

does not mean the end of a show audition will go on to win the x factor 2010 final, as last year i think joe mcelderry was part way through a episode of x factor.

can't beat a bit of x factor saturdays, only downside to the x factor being back on tv is it lets you know summer is soon coming to a end and that the nights will soon be drawing in again for winter and then christmas 2010.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

get the x factor 2010 live shows on tv audience tickets

i have found the website that does the tickets to be in the tv audience for the live x factor 2010 itv tv shows, it is called applause store, so to get the tickets to be in the tv audience for x factor 2010 you need to go to the applause store website.

when on the applause store website you then need to look down the right hand side navigation menu, at the bottom of this menu you will see the words "the x factor live shows 2010 - itv1".

click on that link, which then gives you the exclusive request page for x factor 2010 studio audience tickets.

it says though they only have stand by tickets available this year, which do not guarantee entrance to the studio audience, so it might be a pot luck thing to actually make it to the x factor studio audience.

but so far i have looked around the internet and applause store seems to be the only way for the general public to get audience tickets for x factor 2010.

i have not seen any other avenues to get the x factor 2010 tickets other then through that website.

actually it says you need to be on the reserve list first, before getting the email application, to get the reserve list you have to register below in the website registration on applause store.

so first you need to register to that website to get the ball rolling on being able to get tickets for x factor 2010 live studio audience.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

tickets to the x factor 2010 live show be in tv audience?

well i am trying to workout or find out how you get tickets to be in the tv audience at the x factor 2010 tv show, as it does have a big large audience.

though from watching previous x factor shows on tv, the x factor audience does look to be made up by a lot of friends and family of the acts performing on the show, and there also looks to be a lot of celebrities in the audience of a x factor tv show as well.

so that will lesson the amount of tickets that would be available to the general public who wanted to be in the x factor audience.

so i am doing some looking around on the internet to see how you can get in the x factor 2010 live audience, and where the tickets to be in the x factor 2010 live tv audience are available to buy or reserve as they might be free to get.

going to look around the internet and do some searches to find where you get the x factor 2010 tickets from online.

Monday, 9 August 2010

when does the x factor 2010 start date?

it is now in that the x factor 2010 will be back on tv on 21st of august 2010, of course on itv, maybe a new start time though for x factor 2010 as it will air at 8:30pm on itv.

i think x factor used to always start on the hour not mid hour like the new start time for x factor being 8:30pm, but good news that x factor will soon be back on tv.

i did not know it was so close for x factor being back on tv screens, just a couple of weeks away if that for the song singing talent contest to return to tv.

i had thought it might be another month yet before x factor was back on tv, but at least saturday and sunday nights are now sorted viewing wise with the return of x factor 2010 being so close and in this month.

so the wait is already really over for another year and a new series of x factor, but it only seems like yesterday that i was watching the last series of x factor how fast time fly's it would seem.

this years is said to be the best xfactor ever!.

simon cowell returns with his trademark x factor show very very soon!.

Monday, 2 August 2010

looking forward to new x factor 2010 series on tv

i am looking forward to the new x factor 2010 series on tv, essential saturday night viewing, x factor gives you a good reason to stay in and not go out on the town, so you can save a bit of money by following the x factor talent show series as well!.