Sunday, 15 May 2011

john and edward jedward eurovision song lipstick final 2011 youtube video and pictures

this is john and edward aka jedward in the eurovision 2011 singing the song lipstick at the final on this youtube video.

well i think john and edward aka jedward did really well in a way as they got a top ten finish at the eurovision final 2011 last night.

john and edward aka jedward finished in 8th place at last night's eurovision 2011 final which is quite a good result considering how many european countries enter the contest.

i think by all accounts john and edward aka jedward were quite happy with the result last night the brother grimes, john and edward grimes could probably not of hoped really for a better result, the english representatives pop group blue finished in 11th place.

so all in all it was quite some eurovision 2011 results last night for jedward and blue, watch the video of jedward below singing lipstick on youtube video, it is better then you would expect really.

john and edward aka jedward Eurovision 2011 Ireland Jedward Lipstick Final youtube video watch online

the song lipstick by jedward is actually quite good, it could of been worse, but what is the outfit jedward are wearing, looks quite strange the clothes jedward are wearing, kind of red jacket with massive shoulder pads type effect, and of course the jedward trade mark big blonde spiky style hairstyle.

john and edward aka jedward at the eurovision final in germany 2011

jedward eurovision song lipstick picture in there red outfit shoulder pad style clothes

the red studded shoulder pads jedward wore at eurovision 2011 remind me a bit of the famous wrestlers the legion of doom from the wwf

Thursday, 12 May 2011

american idol 2011 4 contestants Scotty McCreery Haley Reinhart Lauren Alaina James Durbin

the 4 remaining american idol 2011 contestants are Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and James Durbin.

at the moment i do not think there is a out and out favourite for the final of american idol 2011 except scotty mccreery does seem to be getting the best compliments from american idol 2011 judges jennifer lopez, randy jackson and steven tyler, so this might mean that scotty mccreery is slightly the favourite to win the american idol 2011, but these things are still subject to change if he has a bad week next week when singing.

so far strange for american idol as there are both 2 girls and 2 boys left in the competition, when usually on american idol the girls get voted off the quickest, so this year it is quite even at the moment between the girl and the boys unless the 2 girls get voted off of american idol 2011 next, which could happen.

american idol 2011 picture of Scotty McCreery

american idol 2011 picture of Haley Reinhart

american idol 2011 picture of Lauren Alaina

american idol 2011 picture of James Durbin

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

x factor 2011 youtube facebook auditions video online apply application process videos site

just noticed on youtube that you can apply online for the x factor 2011 via the youtube video website and also the social media website facebook, this is to be able to apply for the x factor 2011 this year as regular application process has finished, but this is a last gasp thing to able to still apply or audition for the x factor 2011 as the original deadline for regular applications forms is now over i think.

but here is a opportunity if you missed the original application process for the x factor 2011 you now have this online video application process via youtube videos and facebook online to audition for the new series of x factor this year.

it is a similar thing to what was done with britain's got talent 2011 were people could audition for britain's got talent online via the youtube website channel.

but hurry as this option i think is only for about a week from what i can tell and it might finish by 17 may 2011, is a date i have seen written on a website, so if you want to do this process of x factor 2011 applying to audition via either facebook or youtube then you need to do it in the next week from what i can tell as there is a deadline as there usually is with these auditioning processes for programmes like the x factor tv show.

it says on the x factor youtube channel the following-

It's not too late to apply!
Have you got the X Factor? Then upload a video of you singing and performing to show us what you've got. Stand out acts will be asked to audition in front of The X Factor judges. Just click the "Enter now" button below to start your application.

To be eligible to apply you must have the right to live and work in the UK. If your application is successful you will be required to attend an audition in person. Applications close at 5pm on Tuesday May 17th 2011.

Please make sure you’ve already recorded your video before continuing.

I don’t have a YouTube account

You must have a YouTube account to apply. If you don’t have one please click on Create Account below. A new window will open where you can create your account, and you must return to this page and click on Sign in afterwards.

I already have a YouTube account

If you already have an account click on Sign In below. A new browser window will open asking for your details. Once you sign in you will be asked to allow the site to access your YouTube account.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cheryl Cole new x factor 2011 usa judge paula abdul? as well video simon cowell and abdul

Cheryl Cole is now confirmed as the new american x factor 2011 judge, though i thought all along this was going to happen, so simon cowell so far has Cheryl Cole as the usa x factor 2011 judge.

the new or other rumour now is for paula abdul to be the next x factor usa 2011 judge to be announced, this would reunite simon cowell and paula abdul from there american idol days, when both paula and simon were judges for the american idol singing contest for a lot of years so this new x factor usa rumour would make sense.

so do not be surprised to see paula abdul, simon cowell and cheryl cole as your x factor america 2011 judges.

this would leave louis walsh as the head judge of the uk x factor 2011, along with dannii minogue and some new possible replacements for the uk judging panel of x factor, though simon cowell did say he would be judging the final stages of the uk x factor 2011 as well as judging the united states version of x factor full time, and judging the uk x factor part time.

youtube about the relationship between simon cowell and paula abdul at the bottom of the page, was thinking, are they not already doing the auditions on the usa x factor, i thought they had started but they must not of started yet, otherwise they would have no judging panel to judge all the acts.

paula abdul x factor 2011?

Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul - Their thoughts on each other behind the scenes- plus the Kiss!

After hearing that Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol, I thought I would dig into the archives of the show to find an interesting clip on her early days with the series. From "Behind the Scenes with Simon Cowell" which was produced after season 3, we see some very frank views from Simon and Paula about what they thought of each others contribution to the american idol show.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

royal wedding 2011 pictures photos prince william kate middleton married pics catherine 2011

this is a bit if a photo compilation of the royal wedding 2011 of prince william and kate middleton getting married, the pictures are in a order of how the day progressed, so starting before the wedding arrives into the church with kate middleton arriving at the church in her wedding dress.

this is a picture of kate middleton arriving at the church in her wedding dress, at the start of the royal wedding 2011 of kate middleton and prince william

this is a picture of the public enjoying the royal wedding, basically the streets in london where full of people with union jack flags, this picture captures that sight really well.

royal wedding 2011 photo

what a excellent day was had by all

the royal wedding 2011

now back to the more important thing that actual royal wedding pictures from inside the church, this is when kate middleton met prince william for the royal wedding 2011

now married photo!, they are now the happy couple picture, kate middleton and prince william royal wedding 2011

excellent royal wedding and prince william and kate middleton really do look to be a really happy couple and look really good together, they seem like a perfect match at times, in these royal wedding pictures they look like a fairy tale style marriage in these photos.

catherine middleton and prince william the perfect royal wedding 2011

and to finish off this montage of the royal wedding of the century there is only one picture really to finish off a montage like this and it is of course the kiss between the two newly weds.

perfect kiss the royal wedding 2011 of kate middleton and prince william