Tuesday, 22 November 2011

american idol 2012 competition judges names jennifer lopez steven tyler randy jackson


american idol 2012 judges names, its the same again, jennifer lopez, steven tyler and randy jackson, on next years american idol 2012 jennifer lopez has said they will be much more stricter with the judging and calculating on who progresses in the american idol 2012 competition.

look for american idol 2012 to be back on your tv screens around the end of january and start of february 2012, about a month after x factor finishes really, when it comes to reality talent contests nowadays when one finishes another one starts back up :)

american idol 2012 competition judges pictures jennifer lopez and steven tyler


american idol 2012 competition judges pictures jennifer lopez


american idol 2012 competition judges pictures randy jackson


american idol auditions 2012 dates and locations cities

these WERE the american idol auditions 2012 dates and locations and cities, because now the american idol 2012 auditions have to come to pass, quite well in advance of there live shows in a way as well, unless american idol 2012 starts in early january or thereabouts next year.

June 28, 2011 – St. Louis, MO – Scottrade Center (map details)
Register: June 26-27; Audition: June 28

July 2, 2011 – Portland, OR – Rose Garden (map details)
Register: June 30 – July 1; Audition: July 2

July 8, 2011 – San Diego, CA – Petco Park (map details)
Register: July 6-7; Audition: July 8

July 15, 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA – Heinz Field (map details)
Register: July 13-14; Audition: July 15

July 22, 2011 – Charleston, SC – North Charleston Coliseum (map details)
Register: July 20-21; Audition: July 22

July 29, 2011 – Denver, CO – INVESCO Field at Mile High (map details)
Register: July 27-28; Audition: July 29

August 26, 2011 – Houston, TX – Reliant Park (map details)
Register: August 24-25; Audition: August 26

September 22, 2011 – East Rutherford, NJ – IZOD Center (map details)
Register: September 20-22; Audition: September 22

so that was pretty much it, and so they now have there auditionees already chosen for the next stage of the american idol 2012, i just wonder how long some of the people who auditioned and made it through to the next stage of american idol 2012 have to wait, without doing anything, for the next part of usa idol 2012 to start up, and this just can build the nerves, having to wait for something to start.

ah just found the start date for american idol 2012, and it is not too far off, the american idol 2012 start date back on tv is january 22 2012, it will probably start for first few weeks showing all the pre recorded auditioning process, which was done this year at the places and times and dates listed above.


Monday, 21 November 2011

american idol 2012 auditions application form process

american idol 2012 auditions i had totally forgotten about this, with all the hype over the x factor america 2011 auditions and then live shows i had forgotten that there was also running at a similar time the american idol 2012 auditions as well.

i think the american idol 2012 auditions actually were running around july time 2011, yet then it is a long wait to the live shows of american idol 2012, so i guess they just wanted to get there audition and application process out of the way early, as the american idol 2012 is many months after the audition and application form process finished.

whereas with x factor america the tv shows did not start long after the auditions had started, so a bit of the contrast there in the format between x factor and american idol 2012 auditions.



Sunday, 20 November 2011

who got voted off of the x factor tonight 2011 results

who got voted off the x factor tonight 2011 results?, was a strange x factor results show tonight, with craig colton singing probably his best but losing out and leaving x factor after receiving the lowest amount of public votes.

in the bottom 2 this week were amelia lily and craig colton, the judges took the results to dead lock, where craig left due to having the fewest public votes.

so was a bad week for amelia lily who i think is a favourite to win the x factor this year, even with ending in the bottom 2 she still has a chance of making the x factor finals, now with only 5 acts remaining, i think the finals are going to be in a about 3 weeks time or thereabouts.

craig colton probably had the edge tonight in the sing off so was unlucky to get voted off of x factor 2011 tonight.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

x factor 2011 uk update catch up news contestants how many are left in the competition?

x factor 2011 uk update catch up news, ready for tonight's show, seem to be just past the middle part now, where things will start to get more interesting as we get closer to the x factor uk 2011 final.

the acts looking favourite now to get close to the final i think are janet devlin, amelia lily and not really sure on who else, it is quite close this year, with not really any acts standing out as the out and out favourite, whereas as last year it was obvious that matt cardle was going to win.

this year it does not seem so obvious who is going to win the final of x factor 2011.

here is a list of the remaining x factor 2011 uk contestants, as they can be difficult to remember who is still in and who has been voted out thus far.

amelia lily
janet devlin
craig colton
marcus collins
little mix
misha bryan

that cannot be right, but i think it is, only 6 acts remaining now, very close to the x factor 2011 finals now, must be just a few weeks away sometime in december.

kelly rowland is looking like the favourite judge to win in that regard having still 3 acts left, gary barlow has 2, tulisa contostavlos has 1 act left, and poor old louis walsh has none.


i think kelly rowland has some of the best singers left so it is looking this way at the moment that some of her acts will make it to this years x factor 2011 final at least i think we will see janet devlin or amelia lily in the final of x factor 2011.


amelia lily back in the x factor 2011 competition and now a favourite


x factor usa 2011 update catch up news

x factor usa 2011 update catch up news, what has been happening on the recent show, brian bradley nearly went out but was saved by the judges, after landing in the bottom 2 on the x factor usa results.

it was stacy francis who went out in astro's place after the judges decided to eliminate stacy francis.

you could tell in advance though sometimes who the judges will keep in and vote out, on the results, who is usually there favourite, regardless of the sing off aspect.

just watching the video back of the "elimination" as it is called, and there was a lot of tears from astro and i think some from stacy francis very high drama on this x factor usa show, astro getting a telling off from simon cowell for folding his arms, astro saying he does not want to perform for the public if they put him in the bottom 2, quite a bit of the x factor drama going on here, worth a watch this x factor usa "elimination" video.

getting the drama going on there with the x factor usa 2011, will probably be more to come as the results and judges votes decisions roll into later weeks and the competition gets closer as more of the acts leave.

was a good show i thought lakoda rayne did a good performance with a fleetwood mac song though the male judges simon cowell and l.a.reid did not seem to like it much.

josh krajcik is doing some good performances as well, looking like a potential finalist on this years x factor usa 2011, who will win the x factor usa though not sure yet, could be anyone at the moment, who is still in it that is and does not get the dreaded elimination.

drew ryniewicz was also excellent with a u2 song, she has a really nice voice, i think she could make it into the first x factor usa final, possible winner?.

another few weeks, getting there slowly but surely to the x factor usa 2011 final, who do you think will win?.

drew ryniewicz



Sunday, 13 November 2011

amelia lily oliver new x factor 2011 favourite to win final?


is amelia lily oliver the new favourite to win x factor 2011 final?, after making a surprise return to x factor show, i think amelia lily oliver looks like one of the top favourites now for this years show.

if she makes it through tonight's phone vote on the sunday results, then amelia lily is going to be one of the main favourites now, along with janet devlin.

it helps that she was on really good form singing the queen song "the show must go on", seems to have one of the strongest voices now out of all the other contestants.

could see this years x factor 2011 final being between janet devlin and amelia lily.

Friday, 11 November 2011

previous contestants who were voted off return back to x factor this saturday for your votes

previous contestants who were voted off return back to x factor this saturday for your votes, it is the contestants who got voted off in the first show the original x factor twist, which has now created a new x factor twist with all 4 previous voted off from the first show singers getting a second chance.

the phone vote for who you want back onto the x factor is running now, and so you would need to choose who you want to vote for between amelia lily, 2 shoes, jonjo ker and james michael.

at the moment amelia lily is the favourite to get the most votes for saturday's show when the results will be released part way through.

the other acts look to be trailing vote wise compared to amelia lily so i would not be surprised if she makes back onto the x factor live shows this saturday night.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

will johnny robinson or the risk return after frankies cocozza's x factor exit?

just wondering now will johnny robinson or the risk return after frankies cocozza's x factor exit?.

makes you think, and there is now a spare place after frankie cocozza's leaving the x factor this week, does this mean that either johnny robinson or the risk could return in frankies place?.

what would be the fair way of doing it though, just bring johnny robinson back because he got more votes then the risk, or bring them both back for a bottom 2 style sing off?.

that would be the difficult part, i think x factor bosses would probably bring back johnny robinson, because he had got more votes then the risk on saturday's show.

so will johnny robinson return or will the x factor just use frankie cocozza being kicked off the show as a way to reduce the contestant number as they still need more to leave to make there quota before the x factor finals?.

axed frankie cocozza has been kicked off the x factor


bad news for frankie fans but it is true about being axed, frankie cocozza has been kicked off the x factor.

this is because he broke one of the rules of x factor bosses by bragging about taking drugs in front of x factor producers, it is a shame to see frankie cocozza leave the x factor though.

frankie cocozza did bring some fun to the x factor, but was maybe allowed to get too out of control with constant partying that with all that drinking something was going to go wrong, so maybe his mentors and who ever was guiding him and giving him advice is also to blame for frankie cocozza's exit from this years x factor?.

was quite surprising or shocking news as not some thing i expected to see happen with the x factor or this years x factor when reading of frankie cocozza being kicked off of the show mid week.

frankie cocozza did have a good time partying for a good few weeks while on x factor, which probably did not go down well with the producers either, frankie cocozza the party animal!.


Monday, 7 November 2011

the remaining top 12 x factor usa 2011 contestants video

these are the remaining top 12 x factor usa 2011 contestants on a video, first season of course of the usa version, i was reading there is going to be a x factor usa 2012 next year as well, simon cowell has been given the go ahead for a second year of x factor usa.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

x factor to get christmas 2011 number 1 usa and uk or not?


x factor to get christmas 2011 number 1 usa and uk or not?, usually in years past the x factor winner was a guaranteed to get the christmas no 1 in the charts, but the last few years, people have "rebelled" by doing facebook campaigns and buying just one groups song to stop x factor getting its usual christmas chart number 1.

it all started a few years ago with a facebook campaign called rage against the x factor, which i think stopped joe mcelderry getting the christmas 2009 number one, instead, the number one went to a old song from years past by rage against the machine.

this was achieved mostly through facebook campaigns so they would choose the xmas number one, and stop the x factor getting its usual christmas number one placing.

so far i have been looking on facebook but have not spotted any of these campaigns taking off yet, so it might be a return to x factor getting its number one placing in the christmas music charts.

but one place i think x factor might struggle to get its number one pop chart placing is america, this is because so far the x factor usa 2011 show is not getting high viewing figures.

they were looking for about 20 million viewers a show, the uk version of the x factor competition gets around 10 million a show, so 20 million viewers a show for the american version is feasible if you consider the size and population of america, but the x factor usa is only getting around 10 million viewers a episode.

the x factor usa 2011 is thus getting around the same viewing figures as the uk show, which if you consider the size of america to the size of the uk, you can see the america version of x factor is not doing really as well as it should.

so because of that i do not think the x factor usa 2011 will get a christmas number one anyway.

but i think the uk version of x factor has got a really good chance of a christmas number one just due to its massive popularity still in the uk, this is unless one of those rage against the x factor type of christmas facebook pages goes against it again.