Friday, 28 December 2012

happy new year for 2013 and good look if you are going to apply

happy new year for 2013 and good look if you are going to apply to be on x factor next year, just a few days to go now until it is 2013 and the process for x factor starting up in a few months with the first stage auditions.

so get online to the x factor website and fill in the application form for next year if you have not already.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

first audition x factor usa 2013 los angeles california march 6th

the first audition for the x factor usa 2013 will be los angeles california on march 6th, that is the date of the audition, there are 2 days before the 4th and the 5th of march in which you can register to audition for the los angeles x factor audition.

now not sure if you can miss those registration days by filling out the online audition form online instead, and then just turn up on the 6th to audition as that would make it a lot easier for most people, as they would not need to have to stay in los angeles for at least 2 days that way.

could just make it 1 day, the audition day on the 6th of march, if it is possible to skip needing to register by filling in the online application form instead.

so from what i can tell though you have to register online, through the application form and also register on either of the 2 days prior to each audition date like on the 4th or 5th before the los angeles auditions on the 6th of march.

unless anyone knows otherwise post it below in the comments section of this blog, on how the process goes regarding these auditions like los angels and what someone has to do regarding the regsitration days, but as far as i know they are mandatory for everyone to also do the registration day as well.

Friday, 14 December 2012

the x factor usa audition locations 2013 cities dates

the x factor usa audition locations 2013 cities dates yep it is all already revealed this year in record time, the locations and the dates, the only thing not revealed just yet is which venues will host the x factor usa 2013 auditions, but at least and the main thing we know when and where the auditions will be for next year.

here is the list below of when and where the x factor usa 2013 auditions will be taking place, which is excellent because now everyone has plenty of time to plan ahead there travel arrangements and how to get to the auditions next year.

Register for Los Angeles california 4th to the 5th of March
Audition Day Los Angeles, CA, March 6th

Register for Charleston North Carolina on 17th to 18th March
Audition Day Charleston, NC, March 19th

Register for New Orleans on 12th to 13th April
Audition Day New Orleans, LA, April 14th

Register for Long Island New York on 23rd to 24th April
Audition Day Long Island, NY, April 25th

Register for Denver, Colorado on 12th to 13th May
Audition Day Denver, CO, May 14th

so how it works and how you audition next year, you basically turn up up to 2 days before the audition day to register to audition, with the audition day being on the 3rd day of each audition location.

so you have 2 days to register at the venue and fill out all the paper work, you have to take all your details with you to be able to audition for the x factor usa.

can foreigners auditions for x factor usa 2013 if you are from another country?

can foreigners auditions for x factor usa 2013 if you are from another country?, kind of a yes and no, answer to this question.

it says on the x factor auditions website for 2012 rules this:

"Each and every member of the Act is a legal U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. resident
who is eligible to work full-time in the United States;"

so that is some of the rules there, if you can meet those requirements then you could apply to the x factor usa.

also if you are under 18 years of age, you have to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who will register you at the auditions as well, so that is some of the basics there, and so it is down to meeting the correct requirements to auditions which is probably difficult if you do not live in the usa, you would probably need a usa visa and the right to work and live in the usa and some where to stay and support yourself, so it is probably not easy to audition for the x factor usa if you are not a usa citizen really.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tate Stevens x factor usa 2012 semi finals performance

Tate Stevens x factor usa 2012 semi finals performance, just a quick post here before i go out, to say all the x factor usa semi final videos are up on youtube, and one by the favourite to win the show for the last week tate stevens, is he still the favourite.

not watched any of these recent semi final performances so the favourite might of changed from tate stevens now, but he has been one of the hot favourites to win the show this year.

who do you think is the favourite to win, i guessed right for the winner of the the x factor uk weeks before the final and him winning, but, i am not going to guess for who i think will win the us x factor final this year.

cause i am not sure, so i was only saying that tate stevens is one of the favourites to win, but that is not my prediction for the winner because i am not sure who will the x fatcor usa this year, like iw as about who would win the uk finals.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

the semi final of this years x factor usa starts tonight on fox

the semi final of this years x factor usa starts tonight on fox already here again at this stage for season 2 of usa x factor, and i think this year has been a bit more of a success and might help guarantee a few more years of the show in the usa.

next years show is now guaranteed at the least, so there is at the very least going to be a season 3 next year and i cannot see why there should not be a season 4 as well in 2014 and so on, because the show should be a bit more popular now.

well it is near the end of this series with the semi finals of x factor usa starting tonight wednesday and thursday, with the finals of the x factor usa 2012 next week and the winner being announced on thursday the 20th of december, very close to christmas as well.

x factor really is a kind of christmas show in those regards with the way it is structured, it was also kind of designed this way on purpose by simon cowell, with the aim of who ever won the x factor would also then go on and get the christmas number one song that year as well.

well that is how it worked for a few years like with the united kingdom show, until there was a backlash called "rage against the x factor" and people started all choosing one song to buy for christmas to make sure the x factor winner and simon cowell did not get the number one song that year.

not sure how it works in america, but it is very competitive chart anyway, so it might not be expected for the x factor winner to get the christmas number one anyway, not sure what happened last year with the winners song.

so semi final tonight and tomorrow and the final next week on december the 19th and december the 20th!, when the winner will be announced for another year, and then onto christmas day itself.

post your x factor questions and answers related to next years auditions on this blog

post your questions and answers related to next years auditions on this blog about the x factor, that is the aim of this blog to help with any information for those going to the x factor 2013 auditions in a few months time.

if you want to fill out the application forms for next years x factor uk you can now do that online, so then you might have a question of when these audition will be taking place next year and the locations for them, will they be on your town.

well at the moment we know the auditions will be taking place in march and april of next year, what is not known yet is where these auditions will take place, exactly, but you can be sure that some of the towns and cities will be the same as last year.

for example london always hosts x factor auditions each year, without failure, also cities like liverpool, manchester, newcastle and cardiff are regular audition locations, so with that in mind you have a idea where some of the auditions are going to be, and the date will roughly be in the march or april time.

what if you cannot make it the open auditions before judges in march or april?, there is also the option to audition to the x factor by submitting a video online via the facebook or youtube x factor channels later next year as well, and if that is not possible or you would still like to audition in person but cannot make it to the big open auditions, there is yet another option, called the x factor "mobile" auditions.

this is a auditions booth that will be touring a lot of cities and towns in the uk, and will give you chance to audition in person, so there are lots of options to help you get the chance to audition some way or other for the x factor singing competition.

so with a little planning in a advance you should not need to miss out next year if you are wanting to do the auditions, there are plenty of options, so post you questions or answers about x factor questions to this blog, and i will do my bets to answer them or someone reading the posts might answer also.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

britney spears contestant Diamond White Goes Unplugged

britney spears contestant Diamond White Goes Unplugged

these have been some of the best performances this, i think x factor should focus more in this direction sometimes rather then the overblown performances of acts just being over produced with all the excess staging, when it is stripped back like these unplugged songs are the acts seem to actually bring more when there is less, it shows there voice more and there style better this way.

so it would be nice to see more of this not all the time but a bit more often, especially if they are all good singers like this and they can carry it off well, if they were not as good singers it might not work so well and would sound like karaoke, but like this it sounds really natural.

Emblem3 unplugged x factor usa performance on youtube videos

Emblem3 unplugged x factor usa performance on youtube videos, this is another of the unplugged singing, which is a good idea if you really want to see just how good each contestant is at really singing, which i think all the remaining acts are really good singers, as these unplugged videos show.

Emblem3 being one of simon cowell's main hopes left in this years live shows, and the boy band theme which are usually really good with the harmonies, and this what they do here, of course you get haters for each act, but in truth all the contestants at this stage of the competition are really good singers or they would not of made it so far already.

will there be a x factor 2014 auditions? we know next year is secure though

will there be a x factor 2014 auditions? we know next year is secure though

we do know the x factor will be back next year, in the usa and in the uk and some new x factors like in new zealand, so we know it will return next year, and is not getting axed like had been the worry for many who had been looking to audition next year.

but what we do not know yet is if there will be a x factor 2014, especially regarding the usa and the uk formats for x factor, the reason is the contract regarding the uk show runs out after next years show which will be season 10 regarding the uk show respectively.

and when it comes to the american format, that is only running on a year by year basis, fox has not given the american version a long term contract, yet, and it might not, and just keep everyone guessing with "yearly" reviews by the fox bosses, so when it comes to the x factor usa 2014, no one really knows how much of a reality it is going to be, which is a shame for anyone who is not old enough to audition next year, and so needs to wait even longer until the 2014 edition.

they might be putting in the practice but not old enough for next year, which has been confirmed that there is a show next year, but it is not confirmed for the year after, because fox are going by the ratings each year and how well the show is, before they decide on if it will be in the following years schedule.

to get fox to agree to next years, simon cowell basically had to go the fox bosses and follow there plans for next year, which means a complete restructuring of next years x factor usa, which will be major cost cutting, and many other changes to make the show more profitable for fox.

now if it is really popular next year, and finishes popular this year then that will be a good sign for there being a show in 2 years time, for those who cannot audition yet that would be good news.

because there are lots of people watching the x factor now, but they are just not old enough to audition yet, so have there hopes on auditioning for it in 2 years time when they will meet the age requirements, and hopefully though i think they should be okay, because simon cowell is doing everything he can to keep the show running for as many years as possible with the x factor in the united states, considering he left the uk version to judge in the usa it must be a important show to him.

cece frey youtube video x factor 2012 usa final 6 performers "unplugged performance"

cece frey youtube video x factor 2012 usa final 6 performers "unplugged performance"

so this was a bit of change for this x factor singer, who the judges have been loving to hate, have you noticed how they always have acts that they love to hate on?, well, so she is singing unplugged in a bid to get a bit more popular with the judges and also, to get your most important to her phone votes, she needs america to vote for her, as do all the acts to stay in.

so she is getting a bit worried because of previous judges comments, which can bring out a good performance, anyway, this kind of singing when it is unplugged and without all the back up equipment like dancers and the big backing tracks, it can not sound as good, this is where you find out who are the best natural style singer with a unplugged performance.

so this was a change from her usual style on the x factor usa for cece frey, but as simon cowell says about some performances "i think it worked", did on this one, voice seemed really good with this song, and on came the judges comments, though britney spears gave a bad comment, and simon cowell gave a bad comment as well, but a good comment from la, so was a bit of a mixed bag of comments.

the judges though will sometimes try and talk down the other contestants in a bid to get people to vote for there acts instead, so sometimes the judges comments might not be all that accurate at times on the x factor usa, because this seemed like good singing by cece frey in this youtube video.

the x factor usa 2012 so far been a success? getting more popular in usa?

the x factor usa 2012 so far been a success? getting more popular in usa?, well it was worried due to the falling ratings each year, and also the low ratings, when x factor usa launched last year, that this would be its last, but not so, and the x factor seems to be getting more popular with the fox viewers.

so we are up to now the last 6 of the contestants and i think the x factor is doing better now, it has been a rocky 2 years for a while, with mixed reviews from the american audience, but i think the show is starting to come into its own and get more fans.

it was a slow start, at first, but it was a new show and so needed a few years to get popular, i think that was part of the problem to begin with with the ratings, whereas as the uk x factor is experiencing a bit of a slump, because it is has been on uk tv something like 10 years, its us counterpart should start to pick up, as more people watch it.

the x factor bosses in the usa was worried and thought of cancelling the us version because of its slow start, but that is all it was just a slow start and so it needed time to get popular.

and there are a lot of fans who want to audition as well, in the usa, lots of people are waiting to audition for the x factor and so it would be a big shame for those people if the show had gotten cancelled after just 2 years, like a tease, "do you want to audition for the x factor?", well actually you can't now because it is cancelled, but the good news is for these people the x factor usa is not getting cancelled in 2013, and the show goes on, and is getting more popular again as well.

well it should get more popular because its viewing figures did get quite low for a while, so there was really only one place for them to go and that was to go up a bit, and will have to see how it goes next year and then hopefully for people who are not old enough to audition next year might be old enough to then audition for the x factor usa 2014, as the show should still be going strong by then and be a big popular hit on usa television for quite a few years to come.

when are the x factor 2013 auditions taking place and where? many people want to know

when are the x factor 2013 auditions taking place and where? many people want to know, this is something you want to know if you are applying for next years x factor, and you have filled out a application form online, when will you be auditioning next year?.

well, they don't tell just yet, the x factor do not give out the time and dates for auditions until closer to the time, which is historically and usually every year the x factor will announce when the auditions start and the audition locations in february of each year.

so you would need to wait until february 2013, to find exactly when the auditions for x factor 2013 start, and also where the auditions will be, this information will be easy to find next year because the x factor post it everywhere online via a press release, but up until that date around february it is not known where the auditions will be.

but, what we do know is the auditions are usually in similar locations especially for the uk locations, because the x factor use the same major cities each year, with the odd chance, but you always know for example that there will be auditions in london each year, the other usual audition locations are x factor auditions in manchester, liverpool, and newcastle.

the scottish auditions for x factor are usually in glasgow, and the welsh x factor auditions are usually in cardiff, so you have a rough idea there where the auditions should be next year, they are also usually starting around the same time each year as well.

the auditions for x factor uk start around march and april time each year, so look out for the auditions that you are applying to now to be starting in march and april 2013, these are the first stage auditions as well.

x factor uk 2012 semi finals results then there was 3 who will win?

x factor uk 2012 semi finals results then there was 3 who will win?, well we now know the results of the semi finals and who is into the x factor final this week, who is your favourite this year to win the uk x factor?.

i think it might be james arthur who wins the x factor this year, seems to be the most popular and more importantly the best singer, though all 3 are good singers this year and so it will probably be quite a close result when it comes to the final.

but with performances like this it is probably james arthur who is the favourite this year, and this was probably one of the best song choices that week, bit of a classic with the power of love song, good christmas choice.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

the x factor 2013 auditions application forms on x factor website

the x factor 2013 auditions application forms on x factor website

good news, you can apply to the uk x factor again, the application forms are available for another year at this website address

it has the options for you to apply as a soloist or in a group, also all the details and rules are available at that address as well for those looking to apply for next years x factor 2013.

just a matter of taking a short amount of time to fill out the form and away you go. so far it does not look like the x factor usa 2013 application forms are up online but they will probably be just another week or so.