Friday, 14 December 2012

the x factor usa audition locations 2013 cities dates

the x factor usa audition locations 2013 cities dates yep it is all already revealed this year in record time, the locations and the dates, the only thing not revealed just yet is which venues will host the x factor usa 2013 auditions, but at least and the main thing we know when and where the auditions will be for next year.

here is the list below of when and where the x factor usa 2013 auditions will be taking place, which is excellent because now everyone has plenty of time to plan ahead there travel arrangements and how to get to the auditions next year.

Register for Los Angeles california 4th to the 5th of March
Audition Day Los Angeles, CA, March 6th

Register for Charleston North Carolina on 17th to 18th March
Audition Day Charleston, NC, March 19th

Register for New Orleans on 12th to 13th April
Audition Day New Orleans, LA, April 14th

Register for Long Island New York on 23rd to 24th April
Audition Day Long Island, NY, April 25th

Register for Denver, Colorado on 12th to 13th May
Audition Day Denver, CO, May 14th

so how it works and how you audition next year, you basically turn up up to 2 days before the audition day to register to audition, with the audition day being on the 3rd day of each audition location.

so you have 2 days to register at the venue and fill out all the paper work, you have to take all your details with you to be able to audition for the x factor usa.