Friday, 25 January 2013

there is going to be no dj x factor auditions or sign up

there is going to be no dj x factor auditions or sign up, if you did not know, simon cowell was planning to launch a x factor competition specifically for dj's (disc jockeys) to enter, the dj x factor competition was probably going to be this year, but the idea now has been scrapped by simon cowell.

it was quite a good idea for using the x factor franchise and format in a very different way, now dj mixing competitions are nothing new, but a dj competition on main stream tv using the backing of the x factor to make it into a really big competition would of been something new, as most dj mixing competition are not something that are on prime time tv.

it was announced back in january last year that simon cowell and x factor would be launching a new TV talent show which aims "to find the world's greatest DJs".

it was going to be a dj mixing show though with a similar format to the X Factor, with the DJs battling it out each week trying to win through the various auditions and then live finals. Speaking about the show, simon cowell was keen to do a show of this style because he could see the popularity of dance music all over the world and that the dj's are like the new rock stars.

which is true because the x factor does not focus on dance music at all, and the x factor is more about chart and pop music, so simon was looking to tap into the dance music and club music scene with this idea, which is kind of a really promising idea, but it was not to be, and the x factor will stay as is.

the show was going to be produced in conjunction with Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, but in the end the show was dropped and the two parties of cowell and the smiths went there separate ways.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

x factor 2013 application form

x factor 2013 application form, there are a few options when applying for this years x factor.

1/ you can apply by filling in a online application form at the xfactor website.

2/ you can also upload a video audition at the website when filling in the x factor application form (uploading a video is a optional added extra).

3/ you can only apply if you have a valid email address (needed to do the online application form) if for some reason you do not have a email address, there is the option to apply by ringing the x factor hotline number 0901 88 11 222 and applying via a telephone.

so people who do not have access to the internet (though they would not be reading this), though you might be reading for a friend who wants to apply to the x factor, but they do not have internet access, they can use the x factor hotline telephone number instead to apply.

likewise if you have internet access but do not have a valid email address, (which you need a email address to apply via the online application form) then also you can apply by using the telephone number.

though be quick if you want to apply via the telephone application option because lines close on 15th February 2013.

also the age limit for the x factor application form in the uk, is you need to be 16 years or over by the 15th of february when applying.

there is no closing date for online applications posted online as of yet, but with auditions starting probably in march time, you would want to get your applications in as soon as possible, otherwise risk missing the closing dates otherwise, as there is probably not much more longer then around 1 month or so in total left to apply online for the x factor 2013.

improve x factor uk 2013 auditioning process and the live finals

improve x factor uk 2013 auditioning process and the live finals, the show is in a slump and needs to change its format more then anything, like a have a drastic overhaul of the whole methodology of how things are done, especially starting with the x factor auditions.

a "back to basics" type approach, like going back in time to the original format when x factor first started around 10 years ago, the format seemed to be a lot more suitable, and make things more natural, rather then the x factor just becoming a place for agents and professional singer, to appear, to be auditioning, but more for the randomness that the show seemed to be about.

so in the original x factor there was a audition room, rather then now where people audition in front of a big audience in side a arena, this format does not seem to work as well as the original setting of a auditions room.

at first the new changes a few years ago did seem to work, where the audition room was changed for auditions in front of big audiences in arenas, but now it seems to have lost the way of the original show, and its earlier appeal and style.

that would be one of the most important changes, because when they start out big with the auditions there is not really anywhere to go after that, rather start out small with the auditions and work up to the live shows with the arenas.

a change in the judging panel as well would be a good idea, though, this looks like it will happen anyway, with gary, tulisa and nicole looking set to leave the x factor judging panel.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

the voice 2013 auditions uk start date on tv in the spring!

the voice 2013 auditions uk start date on tv in the spring!, the new series of the voice will be back on tv very soon, there is no exact start date as of yet though, but it is going to be starting sometime in the spring 2013 on the bbc again.

so to work out when the voice 2013 will be starting back on tv this year, the spring this year it says on the calendar wednesday march the 20th for spring 2013, so i would predict the voice to be starting sometime probably in april this year.

okay, update just checked the voice twitter and the show will start in march this year!, the exact date is not set yet though.

the voice 2013 start date is in march!.

and so far all the judges are confirmed with the same panel as it was last year, also to note some of the new series has already been filmed, and it is in the process of being edited for tv, the first episodes of course are pre-recorded, where the acts are chosen, this is before the voice then switches to the live episodes on the bbc.

but at the moment the first episodes have already been filmed, which will be the start of the series, with a start date of sometime in spring this year.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

x factor 2013 auditions australia locations dates venues

x factor 2013 auditions australia locations dates venues, there is still a few dates left to apply to through january, the auditions run up to the end of this month so you will need to be quick to get your last chance to be on the australian x factor just a few days are left.

the last few audition dates for australia are as follows (just 3 auditions are left in total this year):

Registration STARTS AT 11:00 - 17:00
x factor australia audition 2013 at:

Registration STARTS AT 09:00 - 15:30
x factor australia audition 2013 at:

Registration STARTS AT 11:00 - 17:00
the last x factor australia audition 2013 at:
NEWCASTLE, HUNTER STADIUM, 294 Turton Road, New Lambton NSW 2305

so those are the last of the open auditions for this years x factor australia this year, so you have to be really really quick to get in there and apply and register for the x factor australia auditions this year, just a few days to go.

it is worth going as well if these last few auditions fall close to where you live it will make it really easy to get there and save on expense, maybe not as easy if you have to travel half way accross the country though, especially without much preparation in advance either.

you need to be ready in advance before you audition for a show like x factor, because you will need to have a few songs ready that you can sing really well, and know the words to fully as well, it does not help a audition if you get there and cannot remember the words for the song you are going to sing.

as well you need a few songs to sing as well, because the judges might want you to sing one of the other choices you have brought instead of your first choice song, this is what it can be like, but usually you will just be required your first choice song that you are most familiar with and practiced the most.

also these are what is called the first stage of auditions and are not before the actual judges you see in the televised auditions, but are actually before the x factor production staff, the televised auditions before the celebrity judges like mel b are in the next round of x factor auditions, and so you have to get through stage 1 auditions to be then accepted or qualify for the stage 2 auditions at a later date before the the audience and tv judges.

so these are just like prelimary auditions, but are one of the last few ways to qualify to get before the real judges later in the year and have the chance to further progress in the competition.

though there will probably be other opportunities to get to stage 2 this year, there is the option of online applications, so applying to the x factor australia 2013 via there facebook page and or there youtube channel as well, via submitting a videos application.

then each year there is also the mobile auditions where the x factor in most countries gives people the chance to audition via mobile audition booths that are hosted in big malls and shopping centres and towns so that people who could not make it to the other options still have a chance, so there are lots of possible ways still remaining this year, if you cannot make to these 3 remaining dates above this month.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

classic old school x factor funnies the judges getting in a twist

classic old school x factor funnies the judges getting in a twist, some of the funnies from the past, if you remember back the old format or some of the older x factor shows were the funniest.

actually looking at these old x factor videos, it is completely different show, to how it was a few years back, especially if you compare it to say the uk x factor, these old audition videos are completely different, sometimes you wonder what some of the people are thinking who audition, they are giving it a go, but never going to win, so comedy aside the old format where it was just the judges and a room, seems better to the new format of the big audience and a big stage etc for the auditions.

simon not to return this year to the uk judging panel

simon not to return this year, there were rumours that simon cowell would come back to the uk judging panel, but he has now denied this, and the denials are recent, simon was asked at the auditions for bgt if you he would be returning to the uk judging panel this year, and he shook his head.

so that is one judge who will not be on the uk judging panel, so far only louis looks likely, another other judges for this year are not known, gary has left the judging panel, and it looks like all the other judges will be changed except for louis.

so simon is judging this years bgt, which he said he was not going to be returning to judging again this year, and so, if that was applied to the x factor judging panel maybe, you cannot take it so serious when he says he will not be back this year just yet.

if anything they always say one things and do another, so it could be a ruse saying he will not judge this year, then appear at the last minute as a judge, though of course judging both the uk and usa shows, there was talk that he would change the start dates so he could judge both shows, but that does not look to have happened either

so i would say wait and see closer to the time to see just who is judging the uk x factor, because there are always lots of rumours, but they purposefully keep it all secret until the last minute before the start.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

the x factor live tour 2013 lineup uk starting soon this month

the x factor live tour 2013 lineup uk starting soon this month, yeah it is this month don't forget that the live tour for the uk starts, and runs into february, so basically starts 26th jan, up to 23rd feb.

the tour is not as big as it was in previous years as i remember in the past the x factor live tour running for nearly a month with a lot more venues and dates in the tour, so it is a bit of a smaller tour now, so you will have to make sure you do not miss out if you want to go, though saying that just looked on another x factor 2013 tour ticket website and there was more venues showing, so it might not be that much different to previous tours, running for nearly a month long like in the past.

i think tickets are still available for some of the venues online as well, they have been on sale though for quite a while so you would need to check as soon as possible as not to be disappointed and miss out.

the lineup is: Chris Maloney, Ella Henderson, Rylan Clark, Union J, District3, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.

Friday, 18 January 2013

britain's got talent 2013 auditions locations dates venues list

britain's got talent 2013 auditions locations dates venues list, well the auditions started the other day in cardiff wales at the millennium centre on the 16th and 17th of january.

those were the real auditions before the judges this year simon cowell has returned as well.

so the judges this year are the same as last year with simon cowell, alesha dixon, amanda holden and david walliams returning for this year.

tomorrow is a one off special open audition at the london oval on the 19th of january, that is not before the judges, but is a first stage audition for anyone to come and audition at.

the list for the judges auditions for people already qualified of where the locations and venue dates are for this year:

britains got talent 2013 auditions At The London Palladium, London 20th to 23rd January

britains got talent 2013 auditions At The Clyde Theatre, Glasgow 28th January

britains got talent 2013 auditions At The Lowry Theatre, Manchester 2nd to 3rd February

britains got talent 2013 auditions At The ICC, Birmingham 8th to 10th February

but there is still chance to audition tomorrow if you have not already qualified to audition at any of the auditions above by going to the open audition day tomorrow on the 19th of january, otherwise the dates above are now the second stage auditions before the judges for people who already got through stage one of the process.

britains got talent 2013 auditions still apply london oval 19th january

britains got talent 2013 auditions still apply london oval 19th january, this is actually a special OPEN audition which means you can just turn up on the day to audition.

so this audition day at the oval in london on saturday the 19th january is called the one off auditions date, before going to stage 2 auditions before the judges.

this is like a one off stage 1 style audition to qualify to the next stage and it is the last one for this season of the britain's got talent auditions of this nature, then it is onto the auditions before judges which people have previously qualified for by doing the previous open stage 1 auditions last year.

so this is your last chance to do the open audition for britain's got talent this year, and it is tomorrow at the oval in london on the 19th of january 2013, actually these are called the auditions that are before the producers, these open auditions.

and this is the last one of those because the next stage of auditions has already started before the actual judges like simon cowell.

the ones tomorrow are not before judges, but are before producers, but if you get through those you then qualify for the auditions that will be before the judges of britain's got talent 2013.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

europeans can audition for the x factor uk 2013 eu right to work

europeans can audition for the x factor uk 2013, because of the eu right to work, this means that people from the eu can audition it says this below on the x factor's rules:

"You must have the right to live and work in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland".

so on the uk border agency website it says that:

"As an EEA or Swiss national, you have the right to live and work in the UK (known as the 'right of residence') if:

you are working here (and have obtained our permission to work if this is required - see below); or
you can support yourself and your family in the UK without becoming an unreasonable burden on public funds."

so you do need to meet those requirements to stay in the uk, though if you just travelled to the uk to audition and then travelled back home, spain for example, that would be expensive, travel etc wise, and so you would not be living in the uk and just coming to audition so that would be a lot easier.

if you planned to stay in the uk between auditions then that would be more difficult and so you would need to meet the requirements of the border agency.

it would also be easier if you was coming to the uk to audition for the x factor and had friends and family to stay at.

so auditioning for the uk x factor when you are from one of these countries depends on your situation as to how easy or difficult it will all be, obviously if you decided to work and live in the uk that would take a lot of setting up and organising.

but if you was just day travelling that would be easier though expensive.

these are the countries that currently are in the European Economic Area (EEA) though some of these countries below have there own x factor contests in 2013 so it would be much easier to audition in the country you live in!.

United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

the x factor Indonesia 2013 auditions videos online

the x factor Indonesia 2013 auditions videos online, another brand new series of x factor from another country, it is all x factor all year, here are the episodes of the x factor indonesia's auditions for this year!, you can watch online, some really good x factor's to chose from to watch from all around the world.

new series of x factor for Indonesia, the popular singing contest arrives with the auditions.

part 1

part 2

part 3

when is the 2013 x factor back on the tv to watch or online

when is the 2013 x factor back on the tv to watch or online, well now actually, because there are x factor's in multiply countries here is one you could be watching new for this year:

also look out for other x factor contests starting 2013:

x factor Arab world 2013

x factor Albania Kosovo 2013

x factor Australia

x factor China

x factor Germany

x factor Hungary

x factor Indonesia

and many other new x factor contests from around the world some new ones as well this year starting as well, like new zealand.

this is how to audition for the x factor usa 2013

this is how to audition for the x factor usa 2013, so a useful tip from this video is the earlier you register the earlier you will get to audition on the actual audition day!.

also this is a really good video just going into all the details of the usa auditions a few years ago, but, the process is still pretty much the same so this will give you some good how to's to what will need to be done, and what you are going to be expecting time wise, this is some good information on this video, on what the procedure is like.

so lots of details and answers to what the process is all about, well worth watching to get some ideas on what will be going on at the auditions this year, what details you need to know.

so this was a different location this years locations for x factor usa 2013 are Los Angeles, Charleston, New Orleans, Long Island, Denver.

first season los angeles x factor audition how to do it right

first season los angeles x factor audition how to do it right, this is a how to style video from the first season of x factor back in 2011, this shows how the first stage audition process works, like travelling to the venues, then of course waiting in long queues outside the venues for registering and also then waiting to do the first audition, these videos are useful for seeing how the day will be when you audition.

videos like this can give you a idea what to expect and how the audition day will be, the sorts of people you will meet outside while you queue and the sort of waiting times that might be involved with the registration and audition.

season 3 x factor 2013 usa audition promo video

this is the season 3 x factor 2013 usa audition promo video, has a look at the 2012 x factor and talks about the audition process for this year.

los angeles & seattle x factor usa auditions video review last year

los angeles & seattle x factor usa auditions video review from last year, right this is a review of how the auditions were set last year, and this year there auditions in los angles again, so this information will be useful if you are going to audition at los angeles in 2013.

though this video is a bit more of a look at how the episodes went as this was aired on fox, and not so much a run down of the audition process, just looking on youtube for some videos about the audition process.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

next location nelson and blenheim new zealand 2013 auditions

the next location is nelson and blenheim for the new zealand 2013 x factor auditions, this audition venue will open at 10am until 5pm, so make sure to be early to avoid missing out, and these auditions will be taking place on the 15th of january 2013.

the location will be at nelson, nelson school of music, 48 nile street, new zealand.

then the day after the next location will be at blenheim on wednesday 16th of january, the address for these auditions is marlborough girls college, 21 mclauchlan street, blenheim, and these also start at 10am and finish at 5am.

auditions for the x factor in christchurch new zealand

auditions for the x factor in christchurch new zealand, these are the next set of auditions for the 13th of january, for the first season of the x factor in new zealand.

also to note that these are what is called "first stage" auditions and are not to be confused with stage 2 auditions which are different.

the first stage auditions are not before the actual x factor judges, but are before the x factor production staff, who will judge you, and decide if you make it through to the next stage which is the stage that is before the actual judges and i think is the stage that gets televised.

the reason it is done this way is because, if it is done with the judges first there would be too many people for them to judge and it would take too long, and so, there is a first stage of auditions where the numbers of auditionee's is whittled down, so that then in stage 2 the judges have a set amount of people to judge.

but this is the way it is and so, you have to progress through stage 1 to get to stage 2 and to have the chance to audition in the televised section of the show before the judges.

this is the format used at every x factor contest in other countries as well, so nothing new about it, it is seen as necessary due to the large amounts of people that can turn up at the first stage venues and to whittle things down.

so today the auditions in new zealand are in the city of christchurch, at the addington race course, 76 jack hinton drive.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

how do you audition for the x factor to get through stage 1

how do you audition for the x factor to get through stage 1, or at the least improve your chances of impressing the judges and giving yourself the best possible chance of progressing as far as possible in the competition?.

well there are some things you can do some obvious some not so obvious.

you can start by rehearsing your chosen song, that might sound obvious, but it is surprising how many people audition and get there chosen song wrong, so this just means they did not practice the song until they were confident and had no problem remembering the song and singing it in front of people.

also make sure to be proficient with at least 2 or 3 songs, in case the judges would rather you sing one of your other chosen songs, i think you need at least 4 or 5 songs when you go to audition, though the judges are usually happy that you sing, your first choice, it is rare for them to pick one of your last choices, but it does help your chances in case they do pick one of your other chosen songs that you know the words to the song and are relatively comfortable singing the song as well.

so with that all said when it comes to auditioning for the x factor you also need to be positive, and that is shown by having confidence (if you have practiced your song in front of other people then you will have more confidence).

also try and have a smart appearance and not be over the top, so be unique, but not so unique that the judges find you over the top, so this is all about pleasing the judges, so for your audition you might need to change your style a bit, even though it might not be your regular style, but to audition the judges do want to see people who are sort of smart and casual with there own style as well.

then also make sure you plan everything out before the actual audition day, and so you will be ready come the audition with everything you need, and you will not have any last minute panics, or things that need doing in a rush, so like travel arrangements, and what you will wear, etc, so plan in advance.

one way is to look at the audition as being similar to a job interview and so you need to prepare in a advance and be ready to present yourself as best as possible, preparation is one of the main keys to be ready and doing your best possible audition.

interesting 6 of the x factor uk finalists were selected

interesting 6 of the x factor uk finalists were selected, bit of controversy, though that is nothing new for the x factor uk, this year 6 out of the 12 finalists had been asked to audition by the x factor producers.

though to be fair, tey were not guarrenteed to get to the finals like they did, but, 6 of the finalists had made it through the finals last year, after being asked to audition by the x factor producers.

well over the years it does seem that the x factor uk, has got more and more, formulated, i wouldn't say it is staged, but it is directed by the producers, to try and appear a certain way, well that is there jobs to direct the x factor, and make the show to a certain formula.

but if they over do this, it is going to look fake, because it will end up like everyone is acting, and it is turning into more of a popularity contest, rather then a singing contest.

whereas when x factor first started about 10 years ago, the acts seemed to be a lot more natural and real talent that had just decided to give it a go, whereas as now some of the acts appear too over produced at times on the uk x factor.

look at some x factor new zealand audition videos

look at some x factor new zealand audition videos, and people preparing for the x factor new zealand which has auditions running now, so you should try out in january if you are in new zealand, the auditions only run until the start of february 2013.

X Factor NZ audition video, any good?, this girl is looking for opinions on how good her singing video is, in practice for the x factor NZ.

this girl is going to sing katy perry i kissed a girl at her x factor new zealand auditions.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

only 100 or so try out to audition for x factor new zealand!

only 100 or so try out to audition for x factor new zealand!, quite low numbers those, different kind of place new zealand with there being more sheep then people, it has a low population density.

compared to the many 1000's who try out for the x factor in the uk, so the auditions are off and running in new zealand with a full month of auditions.

in queenstown new zealand around 100 people tried out for the auditions, and in Invercargill the same with around about 100 people auditioning.

what this means though, with such low numbers of people auditioning that, the x factor new zealand is probably the best chance of getting through to the next stages if you audition for this new x factor contest, the competition is not very high, due to there being so few people at a audition venue.

obviously there will be more people at the really big cities in nz, but at the small cities or towns people who audition have a really good chance of making it through to the next stages.

people who want to give it a go in new zealand should really think about trying out for the x factor, as they are obviously in with a much greater chance of getting further through the various audition rounds, then say if they auditioned in america, which is more like 100's of thousands of people auditioning, compared to nz.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

new zealand x factor auditions 2013 location timaru

new zealand x factor auditions 2013 location timaru, so the next audition for this new x factor on its very first series is tomorrow at timaru, there are auditions nearly everyday throughout january, with auditions finishing on february the 6th.

so there is about 1 month left of auditions if you want to audition for the x factor in new zealand, but there are plenty of venues and locations with auditions taking place all over the island of new zealand, so you should not need to miss out if you want to audition this year.

the next audition is in timaru on the 9th of january, it is located at west end hall, at west end park on maltby avenue, the audition starts at 10am and runs until 5pm.

you will need to make sure that you take a application form with you, which are available for download off of the tv3 website.

there are lots of auditions in new zealand, the next one after timaru is on the 11th of january and will be at greymouth, at the regent cinema, this audition also starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm, which most if not all of the new zealand auditions do.

so january and the start of february is the month to audition for the x factor new zealand 2013!.

the x factor uk auditions locations in 2013 not revealed yet

the x factor uk auditions locations in 2013 not revealed yet, so just waiting for the x factor uk to name the locations and venues for this years auditions in the uk.

not sure what takes them so long considering that the x factor usa named the locations or cities for there x factor soon after the show finished last year, whereas it takes a few months for the uk x factor to say what cities will be used each year.

this information is usually posted online near the end of january or the start of february each year, so should not be long now to wait anyway, not so bad with the uk being a lot smaller then the usa at least, so the travel distances are not as vast.

Friday, 4 January 2013

american idol 2013 start date and judges

american idol 2013 start date and judges, start of the year and the start of the talent shows, starting the year out with the american idol 2013, it is starting on january the 16th 2013.

the judges for american idol 2013 are Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

x factor australia auditions 2013 up and running NOW

do not forget that the x factor australia auditions 2013 are up and running NOW, well some of the auditions have already happened in december, but there are still quite a few auditions running for the x factor australia throughout january 2013.

x factor australia runs a bit earlier then the american and united kingdom x factor's with a more summer time table when it comes to the live shows, hence why the first stage auditions have already started this year for the x factor australia.