Thursday, 30 July 2015

so far no start date for this years x factor 2015 uk and live shows rescheduling for rugby world cup

so far there has been no television start date released for this years x factor 2015 uk judges auditions rounds, and it is difficult to say just yet when the start date will be because there is scheduling trouble when the show is going to be running on some saturdays night as well as the rugby world cup, so itv will obviously push the x factor live shows either forwards or back on a saturday night in order to accommodate for the rugby world cup live matches, and not the other way around, they won't be rescheduling rugby world cup matches to fit for episodes of x factor this year.

so there is going to be some shake ups going on there, but no start date released yet, but usually it is some time in september and always starts on a saturday night, so best guess is late september on a saturday night for the first episode of the x factor uk judges auditions rounds this year.

Friday, 10 July 2015

x factor auditions bad news judges auditions rounds cancelled in london for tuesday

x factor auditions bad news judges auditions rounds cancelled in london for tuesday the 14th of july 2015, if you were registered or through to the judges auditions rounds on that date the x factor has sent a email out to people who were through to the judges auditions rounds on tuesday the 14th july in london, with options for other dates.

the judges auditions rounds continue as usual after tuesday in london, with wednesday, thursday and friday continuing as normal, you will need to check the email for the x factor regarding tuesday to make other plans if possible to attend the judges auditions rounds on another date.

other then that the x factor goes on as usual, cannot remember a judges auditions round ever been cancelled before in the past, though x factor has been running more then 10 years so there might have been at other times.

okay, just read that the auditions got cancelled in manchester last week on monday as well, had missed that, but it seems the rest of the judges auditions rounds will continue on as usual now.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

x factor 2015 judges line up nick grimshaw rita ora simon cowell Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

the x factor 2015 judges line up is in, and Simon Cowell returns with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. though Louis Walsh and Mel B are not returning and will be replaced this year by BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw and the voice uk judge rita ora, who cowell chased after a her recent succesful season at the voice uk 2015.

louis walsh of course up until this year had been on the x factor uk with simon cowell since the very beginning, and on the x factor uk more years then simon cowell in total, after simon cowell had taken 3 years off of the x factor uk to be the host and head judge of the ill fated x factor usa a few years ago, before returning to the x factor uk, but this year louis walsh has been retired by cowell after his long innings as a x factor judge, the longest standing x factor judge of a single show and longest standing judge along with simon cowell on about 10 to 11 years so far.

mel b has also been replaced, so look out for new judges rita ora and nick grimshaw, whether they will get another term with the x factor uk 2016 is yet to be seen.